What is the Amazon tax?

It is the tax that covers all private businesses in the United States. It is named after one of the biggest companies that are covered by the tax. Amazon is a company that is really voicing their opinion on the issue. Normally, companies will resist new taxes because they will incur additional expenses for their business.

Who is directly affected by the Amazon tax?

Private businesses are affected by the tax because the Amazon tax is directed to them. They are tasked to pay an additional amount to the government for every employee that they have.


Who can be indirectly affected by the tax?

You can expect the employees and the consumers to suffer indirectly with the implementation of the tax. The original plan of the tax is required companies $500 levy for every employee that they have. Although there are no subsequent steps yet, we can assume that either the numbers will be reduced or the prices of the products will go up. Either way, we are all indirectly affected by this tax.



What is the reason behind the Amazon tax?

When the legislators are asked about the reason why this tax is to be implemented, they say that the money that will be collected is to be used to create programs to resolve the homelessness crisis. It has been an ongoing problem in Seattle and in other parts of the United States. Many people are becoming homeless due to loss of jobs, being underqualified to apply for some companies, high rent costs, and other causes. Not even voucher codes and special discounts can help the homelessness crisis in the country.




Whom should I side with?

It depends on your thoughts and your priorities in life. We only publish articles that give you updates on what is going on with the Amazon tax, the opinions of both sides, and the processes that the tax has to go through to be approved by the legislation. You should read all of our content and decide for yourself on which side you should support.





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