Why Pay Taxes?


This has been one of the most mystical questions that a newly hired employee wants to ask the government that they are in. And yet we have all the obvious answers right in front of us. Still, although we are required to pay our taxes, it will be quite illuminating for us to know where the taxpayer’s money is going. The government does not earn from us. In the ideal world, all the money that we give the government should be put to good use. And this good use concerns us. We might not get a lot of voucher codes or promo codes from the legislators and government officials that we have, but we are still very much getting a lot of benefits from the tax that we pay back.

Here are some of the reasons why we should pay taxes:

The tax pays for the salaries of government workers

All the government workers that you see when you pay for a business, realty, or income tax receive a portion of the payment that you do on a regular basis. It is not, in actuality, help to them, since it is your obligation to pay taxes, but what you pay really adds to the salaries that each government worker receives. The government workers should realize this to prevent the feeling of entitlement in the workplace. On the other hand, taxpayers should not boast about paying for the salary of workers in the local and national offices.

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The tax pays for your safety and security

When you pay taxes, you are contributing to the salary of firefighters and policeman who are always on-call to serve and protect you. If in case you need help against fire in your home, firefighters are just one call away. Police officers are also always on patrol to check the streets and to ensure that peace and order are in place in your community.

The tax pays for infrastructure

The roads that you drive on, the bridges that help you travel from one state to another, the buildings that house a wide variety of books, the parks where you enjoy a little sun now and then, are paid for by your taxes. You will not have pleasant memories when you travel with your family or have nice walks with your husband or wife without people paying the right amount of tax.